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True Visionary by obviousOddball True Visionary :iconobviousoddball:obviousOddball 3 0 Ampharos and Furret - Sit Tight by obviousOddball Ampharos and Furret - Sit Tight :iconobviousoddball:obviousOddball 8 0 Icon set - Battleblock cat and Mime Jr. by obviousOddball Icon set - Battleblock cat and Mime Jr. :iconobviousoddball:obviousOddball 6 0 Simipour icon by obviousOddball Simipour icon :iconobviousoddball:obviousOddball 1 0 A.I.pom talksprite sketches by obviousOddball A.I.pom talksprite sketches :iconobviousoddball:obviousOddball 2 0 Jadesprite: Remember by obviousOddball Jadesprite: Remember :iconobviousoddball:obviousOddball 3 1 Round Round Rowlet icon by obviousOddball Round Round Rowlet icon :iconobviousoddball:obviousOddball 11 1 Psychic Help, The Seer Is In by obviousOddball Psychic Help, The Seer Is In :iconobviousoddball:obviousOddball 4 3 Furret icon by obviousOddball Furret icon :iconobviousoddball:obviousOddball 6 2 Icon set - Chord, Tsungi, Fiddler by obviousOddball Icon set - Chord, Tsungi, Fiddler :iconobviousoddball:obviousOddball 7 1 Undertale Pokemon - Temmie by obviousOddball Undertale Pokemon - Temmie :iconobviousoddball:obviousOddball 45 3 Undertale Pokemon - sans. by obviousOddball Undertale Pokemon - sans. :iconobviousoddball:obviousOddball 26 5 Undertale Pokemon - Catty by obviousOddball Undertale Pokemon - Catty :iconobviousoddball:obviousOddball 47 2 Undertale Pokemon - Mettaton by obviousOddball Undertale Pokemon - Mettaton :iconobviousoddball:obviousOddball 34 11 Undertale Pokemon - Alphys by obviousOddball Undertale Pokemon - Alphys :iconobviousoddball:obviousOddball 49 8 Undertale Pokemon - Monster Kid by obviousOddball Undertale Pokemon - Monster Kid :iconobviousoddball:obviousOddball 42 6


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True Visionary

There are rumours of an old bird who lives by herself on a rocky cliff.

Rumours that she could see into the future with her right eye, 
and into the past with her 

Lineart by my friend derFischy
Colour by my friend... me!

Icon set - Battleblock cat and Mime Jr.
Icon commission drawn for Manene.

Art's by me!
They were drawn for Manene, but I am allowing anyone to use them as long as they credit me.

(Friendly reminder that I'm open for icon commissions!)
Simipour icon
Icon commission drawn for Jake Simipour.

Art's by me!
It was drawn for Jake, but I am allowing anyone to use them as long as they credit me.

(Friendly reminder that I'm open for icon commissions!)
A.I.pom talksprite sketches
A character I'm designing for a RP campaign I have planned.  I've never GMed before but I'd like to try.

Picture this: an AI has been programmed to enforce some rather deadly rules upon you while you're playing a "game" of his design, and make sure you can't escape the building.  So, the AI is something of an antagonist character, even if he was simply programmed by the real big bad.

In this case, the AI shows up on a screen or hologram, and the AI takes on the form of an Aipom (in computer graphics).
(Oh, hey, A-I-pom... AI... Wow, I didn't notice that until now. Happy coincidence.)

Anyway!  My plan is to draw talksprites for the Aipom so he can emote in a real illustrated way.  But, I probably should make the Aipom look different than a normal Aipom, wouldn't you say?  I do want him visually striking, after all.  He's already got the cheshire grin going for him, but if I want him to seem at least a little untrustworthy and off-kilter, I should make his body different.

I settled on making him with a very simplified design and detached limbs since he is computer graphics after all, and also incorporating a few hearts into his design.  Which, coupled with the kind of things he tells his captive "players," should make for a dissonance that tells you something is not right with this guy.

Here are some sketches I did of the virtual guy.  I'll wait until I have the whole campaign plot solidified before I actually line and colour it.

So for example I might include a talksprite such as the fifth or sixth one along with dialogue such as “I figured that would be enough incentive.  You humans are pretty attached to your bodies, aren't you?”

Might move this to scraps later.


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